Books for Entrepreneurship in Canada:

This is a continually updated recommended reading list for entrepreneurs. These are not the ‘best books’ available, but are simply books that members of our Mastermind group have found useful in their separate journeys.
This selection also isn’t specifically ‘Canadian’ either, but instead are what we believe Canadian entrepreneurs would find useful. I’ve also found that most self-employed people in Canada tend to have businesses that either market or sell products in other nations. We are citizens of the world!

Each of these books will have a little blurb by the Entrepreneur who endorsed it, as well as a quick explanation of why they found it useful.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook! – By: Gary Vaynerchuck

jab jab jab right hook book

Chad: This is the most current and cutting edge book on social media marketing that exists today. Social media is one of the most influential advertising mediums that have ever existed, and yet most established companies don’t know how to utilize them! That’s where knowing your stuff can help you get a jump on your competition.
Gary goes into each social media platform, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and shows you how to cater your brand’s message to that particular medium. Most companies have one image, or message, that they plaster on all their social media accounts…and then wonder why no one is engaging with them! The other great thing about social media? It’s free!

Persuasion: By Arlene Dickinson

Kevin: I always found Arlene to be the most grounded of all the ‘dragons’ in Dragon’s Den. What’s interesting about her book is she looks back on her career and starts to realize what helped her to be successful at key times in her life. As we all know, our success or failure in life tends to boil down to how we acted in a few key moments in our lives. Did you say the right thing in that meeting? Did you decide to send out that one email that would have changed your life forever? Arlene’s book is a great reminder to try and be as ready as you can for these moments. And that it’s not random: you can influence these important moments in your life.

Steve Jobs: A Biography by Walter Isaacson

Chad: In the late 90’s and early 00’s I was a huge Mac fan. But after Steve Jobs started to become a tech dictator, I went off him and started using open source whenever I could. Despite by mixed feelings on the guy, Jobs is someone that all entrepreneurs should be aware of: he’s one individual who refused to play by the rules and had a huge hand in shaping the world we live in today. There were cell phones, video chat, and portable computers long before Jobs’ iPhone arrived on the scene in 2007, but that device is credited with kickstarting this massive smartphone era. It’s a lesson in how the world works: there’s a lot more that goes in to mass adoption of a new technology than it simply being ‘new’.

There you have it! We’ll keep adding new recommendations as our group finish up their respective Kindle’s reading lists!

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