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Best Resources for Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely choice. You leave your work friends behind, you might borrow start up cash from friends and family, which can lead to some tension (One of Legalzoom‘s founders later mentioned that he was asked not to come to family functions until he payed back the money he borrowed.

But there are tens of thousands of us out there. And there are actually tons of resources out there (in addition this website) that can help you learn about your business, mistakes to avoid, and people to connect with.


Curious about how to get media coverage for your startup? is an invaluable resource for entrepreneurs. You’ll probably find yourself coming back to it again and again.

2. Startuplawyer

Most entrepreneurs are averse to legalese, and would rather focus on growing the business. But if you don’t set yourself up right, your start up dream might a legal snag and before you know it, the dream is over. takes you through the financial aspects of a startup in a simple and easy to understand way. It’s U.S. based, but the advice still translates very well.

3. Canadian Bar Association

This is the Canadian equivalent of Startuplawyer, although it’s all told in a much more formal manner. If you want to start a business, this is a simple guide that lays out your options for owning/incorporating your business. It’s a bit dry, but it’s not long and has all the information you need.