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godaddy renewal coupon codes
When the renewal notice shows up in my email inbox, it’s a time of reflection for me. My website has been up for a year now: has it achieved the goals I had set for it? Surpassed them? My hopes and dreams for each website always change as time goes on: technology changes, the economic landscape of various industries change. What was a profitable venture one year is a sucker’s game the next.

Whether you website was a resounding failure, an astonishing success, or somewhere in between, it’s always a smart business move to cut your costs. These are just a few promo codes that will help you save anywhere from 10-35% off your Godaddy renewals (depending on the type of product).

Best Renewal Coupon Codes Right Now:

  • Save 30% Off Renewals!

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    This is a cool promo code, but it also only works for some product renewals and not others. Try this one first, and if it doesn’t work then we have a whole lot of other promo codes for you to try.
  • Save 28% Off GoDaddy Products:

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    This coupon code will save you 28% off all GoDaddy products.
  • Save $15.46 Off Orders of $77.28 or more:

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    Why the oddly-specific numbers? This coupon code was designed with US customers in mind, but it still works for Canadian customers. But GoDaddy automatically converts the discounts into Canadian currency. So for Americans the code is $15 off $75 or more, but for us it’s $15.46. Sometimes it pays to be Canadian!
  • Save $5.15 Off Orders of $30.91:

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    If you can’t bring yourself up to the $77.28 threshold, then how about $30.91? This will knock $5.15 off your order if your shopping cart reaches $30.91 in total sales.
  • Grab a .COM domain name for $0.99:

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    If you’re in the market for a new .COM domain, grab one for just 99 cents for the first year. This isn’t a renewal code, but it is a great deal overall.
  • Save 25% off Standard SSL Certificates:

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    Have you considered adding an extra layer of encryption to your website? SSL (“secure socket layer”) encryption is starting to become a real factor in search engine rankings. Not to mention increasing the security of your website.
  • Get GoDaddy Web Hosting for $1/Month:

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    This is one of those deals that doesn’t come around very often: grab GoDaddy’s economy hosting for $1/month. This is a great deal: this hosting plan includes a free domain name, so for $12 you have a website and domain name for a year. That’s a great deal.
  • Save 25% Off WordPress Hosting:

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    Use this promo code to save 25% off GoDaddy’s WordPress Hosting plans. This is a great deal, but the 30% off coupons at the top of this post will save you more overall.
  • GoDaddy .NET Promo Code:

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    Register a .NET domain name for just $8.99 with this coupon code. This code also works for .COM domain registrations, but there’s also a 99 cent coupon that’s a much better deal earlier in this post.
  • Get a Domain, Website Builder and Email for $1/month:

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    Get your website up as quickly as possible. For just $1/month (that’s $12 per year), you can get your domain name, a website builder and email.

GoDaddy Canada Coupon Codes:

If you’re a Canadian entrepreneur (and we have a sneaky suspicion that you might be!), these are promo codes that GoDaddy has made specifically for Canadian customers.

  • Register a .CA domain name for $9.99:

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    While it’s not as sweet as the 99-cent .COM domain deal, you can use this coupon to register a .CA domain for $9.99 (regular price is $14.99).
  • Canadian customers: Save 30% Off New GoDaddy products:

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    This 30% off promo code is specifically made for Canadian customers. It seems though that the coupons seem to work for both Canadian and U.S. customers. Nevertheless, if the 30% off coupon at the top of this post gives you trouble, feel free to try this code instead.
  • Canada Hosting Coupon: $1.49/month:

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    Sadly the $1/month hosting offer is for U.S. customers. But north of the 49th parallel you can still get hosting for $1.49/month. Curse the exchange rate! The $1.49/month offer also includes a free domain name, so we have that going for us, which is nice…
  • Register a .COM for $1.49:

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    If the 99-cent offer doesn’t work in your Canadian GoDaddy account, then use this promo code to register a .COM domain for $1.49. It’s not as good as 99 cents, but if you think about it, you’re registering a domain name for only a dollar and a half. That’s pretty good!

How Long Should You Renew?

Kevin – I like to renew for as long as possible. As in: 5 years. It doesn’t cost that much to renew a domain name for that amount, for example. It also forces me into commitment. If I don’t really try to make this website work, I will lose money. And I’ll continue to lose money for 5 years. I like to use tricks like that to force me into action. And you can also use good promotional offers to lock in savings for multiple years. It just makes financial sense.

Brad – I am almost the opposite of Kevin in that I want a life of simplicity. I delete the “Godaddy Renewal Notice” emails I get and I just let it automatically renew at full price. I feel like my mental energies work best when I simplify and automate everything. I’m paying a little bit more, but as a reward I haven’t even thought about my domains/hosting plans this year (until I was asked to contribute to this post, that is!).

Chad – I am very VA (virtual assistant) heavy. Everything I do is automated. That being said, I make sure that my VA uses the best promo codes available at the time. I even have my VA write contributions to posts like this (wink)!


Coupon Websites for Entrepreneurs

Coupon Code Website

Coupon Resources with Entrepreneurs in Mind

You are likely an entrepreneur because you like money. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

The only problem? When you’re first starting out, you are likely scraping pennies together to keep your business going.

But there are ways to help you cut costs when you are first starting out. If you have a website, for example, you can save 80-90% off your domain name (your website’s address), website hosting and e-commerce software.

Website Coupons:

For Domain Registrars, there are thousands of options: Godaddy, Name.com, Namecheap, and almost every major web host (i.e. Dreamhost, Hostgator). Which one should you choose? Well…it really doesn’t matter. You can register your domain with one company, and then host your website somewhere else. All these domain registrars do is register your domain with iCANN. You can’t do it yourself, since only licensed domain registrars can do it.

The one domain registrar I tend to go with is Godaddy. Here’s why: while you can get coupon codes from any domain registrar for the first year, Godaddy is the only one I know of that will offer renewal promo codes for future years. There’s one promo code I know of that will give you a 1.99 .COM domain.

As Canadians, you don’t need to register with a specifically Canadian domain registrar like Hostpapa or Greengeeks. However if you want to register a .CA domain name, you need to supply a Canadian mailing address. This is done to protect .CA domain names from being bought up by foreign companies/individuals.

Other Resources:

For website hosting, you can stick with Godaddy, or go with other hosting-centric companies like Dreamhost, Bluehost, or Hostgator. Personally, we have tried and liked Fatcow, Dreamhost, and Godaddy for our personal websites.

Stock Photos

If you have a website, you have probably come across the money pit that is stock photography. Stock photos are nice and dress up your website, but boy are they expensive. Even the ‘microstock‘ photo companies charge you an arm and a leg to use their photos. You can save quite a bit of money by using royalty free stock photos here. There are also coupons available to take the sting out of it as well.

occupations with fastest growing salaries

Occupations with the Fastest Rising Salaries

The Top Jobs With Salaries Projected To Rise the Fastest:

What’s #1? It’s Not What You Think!

occupations with fastest growing salaries
While we usually focus on investing advice here at Canadamomsblog.com, another great way to ‘make oodles of money’ is to simply get lots of raises from your current job! With the occupational landscape changing so rapidly, we thought we would take a look at the best ‘solid bets’ for the next five years: jobs whose salaries are expected to rise, and technology is not expected to ‘replace’ those occupations anytime soon.

Top 3 Jobs Projected To Grow in Salary:

1. Phlebotomists

2. Personal Care Aides

3. Home Health Aides

Notice a trend? These occupations are strongly correlated to the rapidly aging population in the U.S. The salary of an average Phlebotomist is expected to rise 27% in the next few years. Personal care aides and home health aides are also expected to grow along the same lines, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
As the population ages the demand for these occupations will rise, and so will their salaries grow along with that demand.

Two Drawbacks: Technology and Population Shifts:

While these occupations will grow sharply over the next ten years as the baby boomers age, one thing no one seems to mention is that, as the baby boomers reach their expected life expectancy…they will die. The population will drop sharply as baby boomers reach 76 years of age (78 for women). It’s not a happy thing to think about, but it’s coming…and what happens to all those health workers when it’s the significantly smaller Generation X that needs health care?

Demand will drop.

Next there is technology: we may soon have medical devices and technologies in our homes that will assist or even replace the need for personal-care aides. Sounds crazy?

Just imagine if you could travel back to 2005 and tell your younger self about smartphones and all the things you would be able to do with that little device (ex. GPS navigation, connect to anyone in the world, take videos and send them across the world, etc.).

Just because personal consumer technology advanced at a rapid rate over the last decade doesn’t necessarily mean that medical technologies will. But there are suggestions that personal health technologies may be the next big thing. Researchers at North Carolina State University are developing a painless blood collection method inspired by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are able to draw blood from your body without breaking the skin or, even you feeling it at all (the itch afterwards is a venom that the mosquitoes dump into your blood…because they are jerks).
What this technology means is that you could put your arm into a machine at home that could painlessly extract and analyze your blood.

With medical advances happening so rapidly, this home machine may be able to detect early signs of disease and prescribe treatments for you so that you cure the disease before you even show symptoms of it.

Now this machine doesn’t replace what a care-aid would do in your home, but it does give you an idea of how advances in medicine and health care could massively change the job landscape in 20-odd years.

Justhost Promo Code

Justhost Coupon

Justhost Promo Code

Justhost Coupon Codes Updated for May 2014:

These coupons will help you set up your domain names and hosting for your website. This will be the first step in starting your new million dollar enterprises! Just click on the coupon codes below to reveal the coupon codes. A new window will open up on your browser that will take you directly to Justhost. If you’re looking for another great shared hosting company, you can get an iPage coupon code by clicking here.

Best Coupons Right Now:

    Did this coupon work for you?
    Justhost Coupon - Free Domain
    Use this coupon code to get a free domain name (regular price: $14.99) off of any Justhost hosting plan.
    Expires on 30/06/2016

    Did this coupon work for you?
    20% off shared hosting packages
    Use this promo code to save 20% off a shared hosting package with Justhost.
    20% off
    Expires on 31/05/2016

Why We’re Recommending Justhost:

Justhost coupon code

While Canada Moms Blog itself is hosted through Fatcow, most of our businesses’ websites use Justhost’s hosting services. Justhost is kind of like a quiet warrior: doing what needs to be done. It’s not flashy, but it does its job amazingly.
Of course we know that the readers of Canada Moms Blog are usually just starting out, and your money is tight. That’ why we wanted to offer these coupons for people looking to get their money-making websites set up.

Justhost Reviews:

  • B2Evolution.net – B2Evolution has an informative first person review of Justhost’s services. It gives you a good idea of what to expect if you sign up with them.
  • Whoishostingthis – This site has a great customer feedback section where real customers give their unfiltered feedback on hosting companies. Since Justhost is one of the bigger ones out there, it has over 80 reviews. You should keep in mind, with these websites, that people report bad news more often than good news. But the overall opinions on customer sites are helpful for prospective customers.

Justhost Video: